"pall" Definition

  1. n. Same as Pawl.
  2. n. An outer garment; a cloak mantle.
  3. n. A kind of rich stuff used for garments in the Middle Ages.
  4. n. Same as Pallium.
  5. n. A figure resembling the Roman Catholic pallium, or pall, and having the form of the letter Y.
  6. n. A large cloth, esp., a heavy black cloth, thrown over a coffin at a funeral; sometimes, also, over a tomb.
  7. n. A piece of cardboard, covered with linen and embroidered on one side; -- used to put over the chalice.
  8. v. t. To cloak.
  9. a. To become vapid, tasteless, dull, or insipid; to lose strength, life, spirit, or taste; as, the liquor palls.
  10. v. t. To make vapid or insipid; to make lifeless or spiritless; to dull; to weaken.
  11. v. t. To satiate; to cloy; as, to pall the appetite.
  12. n. Nausea.

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