"plank" Definition


  1. n. A broad piece of sawed timber, differing from a board only in being thicker. See Board.
  2. n. Fig.: That which supports or upholds, as a board does a swimmer.
  3. n. One of the separate articles in a declaration of the principles of a party or cause; as, a plank in the national platform.
  4. v. t. To cover or lay with planks; as, to plank a floor or a ship.
  5. v. t. To lay down, as on a plank or table; to stake or pay cash; as, to plank money in a wager.
  6. v. t. To harden, as hat bodies, by felting.
  7. v. t. To splice together the ends of slivers of wool, for subsequent drawing.

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Definition of plank

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