"rip" Definition

  1. n. A wicker fish basket.
  2. v. t. To divide or separate the parts of, by cutting or tearing; to tear or cut open or off; to tear off or out by violence; as, to rip a garment by cutting the stitches; to rip off the skin of a beast; to rip up a floor; -- commonly used with up, open, off.
  3. v. t. To get by, or as by, cutting or tearing.
  4. v. t. To tear up for search or disclosure, or for alteration; to search to the bottom; to discover; to disclose; -- usually with up.
  5. v. t. To saw (wood) lengthwise of the grain or fiber.
  6. n. A rent made by ripping, esp. by a seam giving way; a tear; a place torn; laceration.
  7. n. A term applied to a mean, worthless thing or person, as to a scamp, a debauchee, or a prostitute, or a worn-out horse.
  8. n. A body of water made rough by the meeting of opposing tides or currents.

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