"souse" Definition

  1. n. A corrupt form of Sou.
  2. n. Pickle made with salt.
  3. n. Something kept or steeped in pickle; esp., the pickled ears, feet, etc., of swine.
  4. n. The ear; especially, a hog's ear.
  5. n. The act of sousing; a plunging into water.
  6. v. t. To steep in pickle; to pickle.
  7. v. t. To plunge or immerse in water or any liquid.
  8. v. t. To drench, as by an immersion; to wet throughly.
  9. v. t. To swoop or plunge, as a bird upon its prey; to fall suddenly; to rush with speed; to make a sudden attack.
  10. v. t. To pounce upon.
  11. n. The act of sousing, or swooping.
  12. adv. With a sudden swoop; violently.

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Word Type: n., n., n., n., n., v. t., v. t., v. t., v. t., v. t., n., adv.,
Words that start with "souse": 2
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