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  1. n. Any slight appendage, as to an article of dress; something slight hanging loosely; specifically, a direction card, or label.
  2. n. A metallic binding, tube, or point, at the end of a string, or lace, to stiffen it.
  3. n. The end, or catchword, of an actor's speech; cue.
  4. n. Something mean and paltry; the rabble.
  5. n. A sheep of the first year.
  6. n. A sale of usually used items (such as furniture, clothing, household items or bric-a-brac), conducted by one or a small group of individuals, at a location which is not a normal retail establishment.
  7. v. t. To fit with, or as with, a tag or tags.
  8. v. t. To join; to fasten; to attach.
  9. v. t. To follow closely after; esp., to follow and touch in the game of tag. See Tag, a play.
  10. v. i. To follow closely, as it were an appendage; -- often with after; as, to tag after a person.
  11. v. A child's play in which one runs after and touches another, and then runs away to avoid being touched.

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