"yet" Definition

  1. n. Any one of several species of large marine gastropods belonging to the genus Yetus, or Cymba; a boat shell.
  2. adv. In addition; further; besides; over and above; still.
  3. adv. At the same time; by continuance from a former state; still.
  4. adv. Up to the present time; thus far; hitherto; until now; -- and with the negative, not yet, not up to the present time; not as soon as now; as, Is it time to go? Not yet. See As yet, under As, conj.
  5. conj. Before some future time; before the end; eventually; in time.
  6. conj. Even; -- used emphatically.
  7. conj. Nevertheless; notwithstanding; however.

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Word Type: n., adv., adv., adv., conj., conj., conj.,
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