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  1. low, vulgar, unwritten, or unauthorized language. _Gipsy_, SLANG, the secret language of the gipsies, synonymous with GIBBERISH, another gipsy word. The word is only to be found in the dictionaries of Webster and Ogilvie. It is given, however, by Grose, in his _Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue_, 1785. SLANG, since it has been adopted as an English word, generally implies vulgar language not known or recognised as CANT; and latterly, when applied to speech, it has superseded the word FLASH. Latterly, however, SLANG has become the generic term for all unauthorized language. The earliest instance of the use of the word that can be found, is the following:— “Let proper nurses be assigned, to take care of these babes of grace, [young thieves].... The master who teaches them should be a man well versed in the cant language commonly called the SLANG patter, in which they should by all means excel.”—_Jonathan Wild’s Advice to his Successor._ LONDON, _J. Scott_, 1758.
  2. a travelling show.
  3. to cheat, to abuse in foul language.
  4. counterfeit or short weights and measures. A SLANG quart is a pint and a half. SLANG measures are lent out at 2d. per day to street salesmen. The term is used principally by costermongers.
  5. a watch-chain. SUPER and SLANG, a watch and chain.
  6. “out on the SLANG,” _i.e._, to travel with a hawker’s licence.

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