"spruce" Definition


  1. a. Any coniferous tree of the genus Picea, as the Norway spruce (P. excelsa), and the white and black spruces of America (P. alba and P. nigra), besides several others in the far Northwest. See Picea.
  2. a. The wood or timber of the spruce tree.
  3. a. Prussia leather; pruce.
  4. n. Neat, without elegance or dignity; -- formerly applied to things with a serious meaning; now chiefly applied to persons.
  5. n. Sprightly; dashing.
  6. v. t. To dress with affected neatness; to trim; to make spruce.
  7. v. i. To dress one's self with affected neatness; as, to spruce up.

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Definition of spruce

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