"thrill" Definition

  1. n. A warbling; a trill.
  2. v. t. A breathing place or hole; a nostril, as of a bird.
  3. v. t. To perforate by a pointed instrument; to bore; to transfix; to drill.
  4. v. t. Hence, to affect, as if by something that pierces or pricks; to cause to have a shivering, throbbing, tingling, or exquisite sensation; to pierce; to penetrate.
  5. v. t. To hurl; to throw; to cast.
  6. v. i. To pierce, as something sharp; to penetrate; especially, to cause a tingling sensation that runs through the system with a slight shivering; as, a sharp sound thrills through the whole frame.
  7. v. i. To feel a sharp, shivering, tingling, or exquisite sensation, running through the body.
  8. n. A drill. See 3d Drill, 1.
  9. n. A sensation as of being thrilled; a tremulous excitement; as, a thrill of horror; a thrill of joy.

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