Webpage Source Viewer

Free Online Webpage Source Viewer

View the source code of most web pages with this online webpage source viewer app. Just enter the URL and click the View Source button and the web page source code will be displayed for you to view. Technically this is the rendered HTML and CSS markup that is sent to you to view through your browser when you request a website, and not the pre-rendered server-side code that may be in PHP, ASP.NET, or some other template or scripting language.

Alternative to Browser View Source

This source viewer app provides an alternative to the standard View Source feature in most web browsers. Sometimes the standard feature stop working (especially in Internet Explorer) or are otherwise unavailable or not immediately obvious. Also sometimes websites try to block you from viewing the page source in the normal ways through the browser. This app lets you view a website's HTML and CSS regardless of these restrictions.

Every time you visit a site you are sent the code, but your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) "renders" it on your screen as the site hopefully intends for it to look. This app simply requests the website and then. rather than rendering, it displays the source code for you. Separate JavaScript and CSS files are not read and loaded, but you will see links to these files in the source code that you could easily load if you want. .